Etta's first sign: MILK!


We have been signing with Etta since the day she was born - most signing groups recommend joining at 6 months but, to me, it made sense to think of teaching Etta to sign as I would speech - and you chat away to your baby from the moment you see them, even though they can't understand.

'Milk' is obviously one we'd (my partner does it, as does my Mum & sister) do a lot and really emphasise the sign and the word with each feed - whether it was bottle or boob. 

At 5.5 months, Etta started doing the sign. It was pretty amazing but I wasn't sure that she knew what it meant. 

At 6 months (to the day, 22nd June is her 6 month birthday!), she did the sign just before her afternoon feed was due and for the first time I knew she was directly asking for milk. 

The filming is a bit doge (and I'm sure the person sunbathing behind won't thank me for uploading this) but I am so pleased I was able to quickly get the camera out and film it.  

Keep signing... it really does work! Get started with our Essential Signs (which includes milk like you see in this video!).