Learn to sign with your little one through songs, stories and lots of sensory fun!

We offer a 6 week course across London, Surrey, Croydon and Kent - as well as a full online course too! FULL TIMETABLE BELOW




Week One - Lots of twinkles and sparkles kick off our first session, You'll leave knowing a song, a story and how to tell your little one that you love them in sign language!   

Week Two - We hit the beach with our family to learn signs for our family members, then we’ll go for a splash in our 'lake' and go swimming with five little ducks.

Week Three - We're off to the doctors with Miss Polly. Show your little one how to use a stethoscope and take their blood pressure - all whilst learning important signs including 'that hurts', 'injection' and 'Calpol'.

Week Four - This week we become chefs! The babies do the cooking and make us a yummy lunch/ brunch/ breakfast! And we learn the signs for all the foods the Hungry Caterpillar gobbles up!

Week Five - We learn signs for the clothes we dress our little ones in as phrases we will all be familiar with such as “smelly nappy”! Plus we will meet Old MacDonald on the farm.

Week Six - We will find the end of the rainbow this week as we learn how to sign colours - as well as playing with paint ( but we promise it won't get messy!!!). We then have a chance to go through all the signs from the courses and go back over some of your favourite songs. You’ll leave with a special photo to remember your time with Ettie Betty Baby Signs!

In addition….

Everyone who books a course will also be given access to a private Facebook group with extra videos and support, along with a discount on our products (once they launch!).

Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird


Please see our 2019 Timetable, which is below, for upcoming classes, 

If you would like a class in your area or a private group/ 1-2-1 course, please contact Charly.

For all bookings, please contact Charly on:

Whatsapp/ text: 0771 2255442 


Instagram: @EttieBettyBaby

Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird


We have a 7 week course running from May through to June. See you there!

Please contact us on OR 07712255442 to book a private class.



The Chancery, Beckenham - STARTING 1ST MAY

10am - BOOK HERE


Smallprint Bookshop, Forest Hill - STARTING 2ND MAY

11am - BOOK HERE



The Half Moon, Herne Hill - STARTING 3RD MAY

10am - BOOK HERE


Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird


"This is SO GREAT! I so enjoyed your class and so did my daughter. I have tried so many different baby classes (sensory, story, singing) and haven’t made anything regular but I’m really looking forward to next week!" - Georgie

"Lovely Class - please do more!" - Kim

"Loved the class as did my son. I feel like i used my brain learning a new skill." - Charlotte.

"Really enjoyed it - I actually learnt stuff!" - Melissa

"You put so much love into the class, it is amazing. And, we really learnt something!" - Verena

"Great pace, friendly atmosphere" - Abi

"Loved the story and all the props - really well thought through." - Kimmy

"I really enjoyed the song and story - it was great!" - Sarah

"A lovely class!" - Laura

"Good pace of instruction, thank you!" - Camilla

Photo: Aaron Rainbird

Photo: Aaron Rainbird