Because finger-spelling a name each time would take too long, a sign name is often created.

It can be anything you want! It is usually something that represents the person - be it a distinctive feature (e.g. if someone is super tall you would do the sign for tall and say their name) or something prominent about their personality (e.g. if someone is very happy you would sign the word for happy and say their name at the same time) or it could be something linked to their surname (e.g. a friend's sign name is the sign for 'shiver' because his surnames is 'Chivers' which sounds similar - clever, eh?).

Basically it can be anything, just chose something significant about that person (try not to be too rude...!) 

Here are our sign names. Tag us in your sign name videos on Instagram!

Name: Amelia

Reason behind the sign name: 

I have always been told I have a very smiley face so I was given the sign for smile as my sign name to represent this! 

Name: Etta Rose

Reason behind the sign name:

We're biased but we think Etta is super sweet - and her first name begins with the letter 'E'. So we do the sign for sweet  using the index finger (as this is the finger you use to sign the letter 'E'). 

Name: Charly

Reason behind the sign name:

At just over 5 foot, I am pretty tiny! This sign means little and was given to me when I worked for the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS).

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