The Essential Signs

These are the first ones to learn to communicate with your child.

Once you've mastered these, you can move on to Food Signs, Animals Signs or Weather Signs!

Use you index finger and your thumb to make a 'C' shape, then place this on your head and tap twice for the two sylables of 'Daddy'.

Put your index, middle and ring finger up (in a 'Brownie's promise' style) and tap this on your head twice for 'mummy'.


I - Use your index finger to point at yourself.

Love - Put each hand on the opposite shoulder to create a 'cross'

You - Point at whoever you love!

Place right fngers on top of your left fingers - with knuckles facing forward and tap. 

Imagine you are squeezing a cow's udder!

You can see Etta doing this sign for the first time, at 6 months old, here.

Move your fist in a circular motion on your chest.

With your fingers together, place the tip of your middle ringer on your chin and move it away from you.