We hope you can find all the signs you need on our course and website, but if you’d like a book too. Then check these out…. There are not affiliate links FYI.


Let’s Sign - Songs for Children -

An informative resource for parents rather than a fun book for babies and children.

Ringbinder in style with black and white drawings.

Simple and easy to understand, it is packed full of songs from well- known classics (Twinkle Twinkle, If You’re Happy & You Know It etc.) as well as some of their own made up songs to help you learn important signs.

Really useful - just don’t let your little ones get their hands on it!

You can buy it HERE.


My First Baby Signs - Phil Conigliaro (Contributor), Tae Won Yu (Contributor)

Super cool ‘technology’ in that you pull the tabs and see the movement of the sign (which is my issue with baby sign books - I,personally, feel you can’t get a proper idea of the signs without seeing the movement.)

This is an American book so, for example, the sign for ‘more’ is different to the one we teach - I’d love for them to do a full BSL one soon.

Again, it’s not massively baby proof - we’re on our second one and some of the tabs of that have already been torn by Etta! A good one for parents to properly see the signs and to keep little ones entertained too.

You can buy it HERE.

Child’s Play


These guys have LOADS of books with different themes. I really like that they do overview books, like this one HERE as well as breaking it down into themes (just like we do on our course!). So, the have Meal Times, Animals and Going Out etc.

They also do song books - but you only get one song per book. Here is Twinkle Twinkle and The Wheels on the Bus to give you an idea.

Cute illustrations, these make lovely gifts. Plus, they are board books so they can’t be ripped and destroyed too easily - MASSIVE BONUS! And can be wiped clean of dribble, sick or whatever is going.

Let us know your feedback on the books or if you know of any little gems that we have missed!